Credit Letters Generator Will Automate Your Custom Credit Letter-Writing Campaigns

Fast custom credit letters automation

Create complexed credit letter PDFs ready for printing

Populate letters with client's or personal information

Personal information is encrypted, never re-type this again

Letters management system

Follow-up-reminder system

A large CRAs and furnishers database

Debt settlement proportional repayment plan calculation

Print envelopes with client and company address

Send duplicate letters to different CRAs/Furnishers

Send certified letters directly to the post office

Daily Backups

Credit Letters Users

Add Clients and CRAs/Furnishers

You can add clients, credit bureaus, creditors and collection agencies to the database system. However, we have an extensive list of companies with addresses already in our database--more than likely, it will be listed via a search. If not, you can add one to the database on the fly.


Purchase Access To Preformatted Letters

We currently have over 100 preformatted successful credit repair letters that have already been submitted by various credit consultants and DIY individuals. They are available for a one-time membership fee. Once the fee is paid, all additional new letters will be available to users.


Generate Letter

Populate Credit Letters Generator with your personal information or client's information with a click of a button. You will select a letter template based of the type of letter and who it goes too, fill in the account information, preview letter and click generate letter.


Send Letter Again and Skip the Post Office

Users have the option of sending the contents of a generated letter to another CRA or Furnisher just by clicking a button. Never type the information again. You can also send letters via First-Class or Certified mail directly from your dashboard.


Envelope Printing

User also have the option of printing a number 10 envelope with the client and cra/ furnisher address information beside a generated letter. Just select Print envelops and that generated letter will create the information that can be sent directly to your printer.


Follow-up Reminder System

Every letter generated is time and date stamped. You can tell the system when you want to followup on any letter, the default is 30 days. Upon login, the system will remind you all the letters to follow up on. You have the option to turn on/off the reminder alerts.

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